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What Is Community Supported Agriculture?

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Large importers ship produce from as far as 1,500 miles away, and use high dosages of herbicides and pesticides to preserve the product over several weeks of travel.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) originated in Europe and Japan as a reaction to the gradual loss of quality in produce. This natural phenomenon occurred as farms grew further and further away from the center of their own community. For example, in Family members learn more about where their food comes from at the Jones Family Farm CSA in Edgewood, MD

America today, food often travels an average of 1,500 miles before it reaches the dinner plate. Pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides are used to cover the stress of travel on fresh produce.

At the same time, small, local farms often experience difficulty competing with the low cost labor and volume sales of such giant "produce factories," many of which are not even located inside the USA. The grocery store conglomerates, driven by price, choose to support those large agro farms. The family farm is left struggling to survive.

- CSA is a Community Response to this Situation -

Locally grown, fresh picked fruits and vegetables at Jones Family Farm Market in Edgewood and Baltimore areas, Maryland.

In a CSA program, individuals and families commit to support local farms in their community.

The consumers receive fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and farm-fresh products from farms usually within 50 miles of their home. Picked ripe and consumed within just a few days, this produce contains more flavor and higher nutrional value, and requires minimal if any use of non-organic treatments.

In return, the local farmers receive a commitment of a fair price for their produce, products, and delivery. Each CSA operates in its own unique way, but the basic idea remains the same: consumers and farmers collaborating to ensure a safe and healthy food source in their community.

The Jones Family Farm CSA

Fresh picked, locally grown vegetables at Jones Family Farm Market, Baltimore, Maryland.

We are offering an excellent value, our BUY LOCAL Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. In a nutshell, a CSA lets you contract for a weekly supply of delicious and nutritious vegetables picked daily by family members.

Compared to most vegetables in the big box stores—which may have been picked weeks ago while they were still green—your CSA vegetables instead remain in the ground until they fully ripen.

That means they contain the very best in terms of vitamins, minerals, and flavor and the time they are picked and you bring them to the table for your family.

While you get a weekly supply of farm fresh vegetables for your family, you will also know that you are helping an American farm family (us!) to better manage our resources.

Retail and wholesale vegetables at Jones Family Farm Market in Edgewood and Baltimore, Maryland.

The CSA program allows you to purchase shares in advance of the season. We can then use those funds to purchase seed, fertilizers, or additional equipment needed to allow us to grow more delicious fresh vegetables.

CSA farming is a win-win. Locally grown means you have better food for your family, and your financial investment stays in our community.

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Read What our Customers Have to Say

"I tell everyone who will listen about my CSA! When I first tossed around the idea of purchasing a half share, I underestimated the impact it would have on myself, my family, and my community.

My husband and I cooked more creatively and learned to appreciate the foods that taste light years better when grown and eaten locally (strawberries, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes are at the top of our list!).

My first baby's first solid foods were from our CSA share. Now, she asks constantly when the farm stand will be open again. Over the years, we have formed relationships with other CSA shareholders, Jones family members, farm stand employees, and even a few goats!

The value of our CSA membership goes way beyond simply filling our bellies with local food…we're feeding our minds and our hearts at the same time.

Thank you for the opportunity to become a small part of such a wonderful community."

-A Route 7 Member