UPICK Strawberries Pre-pay FOR 5/20 only!!

UPICK Strawberries Pre-pay FOR 5/20 only!!

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Please print your order to bring with you to the field.

Check in at the window near the greenhouse entrance to receive your quarts. 11am to 6pm! If you are coming after 12, please call first to make sure the field is still open.

Rules: Weather dependent we will begin strawberry picking tomorrow!! Please check in the morning to make sure it is officially open. The plan is to open the field from 11am to 6pm.

A couple things to note for tomorrow.
1. No sampling! ;) You will be asked to leave if this occurs. We promise it's worth the wait till you get home and wash those hands. Please help us keep everyone safe!
2. Pre-pay for your strawberries before heading out to the patch. After purchasing, someone will walk you out to the patch. $6 per quart. 2 at a time per person. For more, please pick, return to car, then begin the process again!
3. No personal containers.
4. No dogs. We love our doggies too, but leave them at home!

5. Picking tips: pick red or turning red Berries. Green ones will not turn red after picking. Pick berry not the stem to preserve our plants for the next pickers! Stay in the field row and don't step on our Berries. We cannot wait to see you!!!